Worksmart Services

Country Pavilion Organizer

We highlight a specific country’s latest products, services, and advancements to an audience of international key decision makers.

Business Matching

We match companies with the quantified target market by means of saving time and maximizing results.


We create events and find purpose in great content that transmutes into matchless learning experiences.

Trade Exhibitions

We set the stage for serious business by transforming exhibition spaces to world-class expositions.

Hospitality and PR

We specialize in corporate functions, roundtables, and business matching sessions in venues, large and small.


We promote creativity and innovation such that participants can provide new inputs, resulting in the development of new ideas.


We assist in attracting hundreds of prospective buyers or clients from all over the place interested in learning more about your products.

Seminars & Meetings

We help you explore topics in more depth, gain perspectives and points of view and share ideas in a way that will advance your thinking about a certain topic.

Event Staffing

We provide assistance and serve as an extension of our exhibitors for the event to be successful

Special Events

We offer event schemes that go beyond the usual delivering solutions that are tailor-fitted to your needs.

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