Bahrain’s Chocolate & Co to take part in Gulfood 2018

Bahrain’s Chocolate & Co to take part in Gulfood

Bahrain’s Chocolate & Co to take part in Gulfood

Bahraini company “Chocolate & Co.”, a specialist in the chocolate industry, will participate in the Bahraini National Pavilion at the upcoming Gulfood, a major trade fair and exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

The event runs from February18 to 22 at Dubai World Trade Centre.

The company which has a market value is currently about BD1.5 million ($3.95 million), said it decided to overcome the economic challenges through further expansion and modernization its machines, workers training, and increase efficiency yield.

“Chocolate & Co began its ninth year in Bahrain when it’s moving larger display and sell foreign markets various types of chocolate,” said Mansour Izz al-Din, sales manager.

“The expansion will be mainly through increased factory space and the number of cars Plug and showrooms in Bahrain, In addition to entering new regional markets.”

He added that the company which is based in Bahrain-based and operating in the Arabian Gulf countries as well as Morocco and India is seeking, through the exhibition to expand in regional markets through the establishment of showrooms or concession “franchise”.

He pointed to the importance of participating in the Bahraini National Pavilion in Gulfood for agents and explore the horizon of the evolution of the food industry in general, especially at a time when economic challenges escalate as a result of falling oil prices.

Chocolate & Co is a premium chocolates and confectionary manufacturing plant based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, producing and selling in wholesale and under private labels to retail chains and other customers region wide. It was launched in April 2008 and began production operations in July 2008.

The Company currently has a medium sized production facility located in Sanad, Bahrain, and is planning to shift in the near future to a much larger permanent facility located in the Bahrain International Investment Park.


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